Great Ideas For Themes To Make Your Quinceanera Unique

It is true that every great party begins with a great theme. When it comes to girls, 15 is a defining age. You are only 15 once, and you want to make the transition from childhood into beautiful womanhood in style. It starts by unique quinceanera invitations to your party. The whole idea of this party is to make it as unique as possible.


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Here are some great theme ideas to make yours special:

1. Consider a Brazilian carnivore

You are certainly aware of the famous six-day celebrations in Brazil every year. You can borrow a few ideas from these carnivores to make your party as unique as possible. You can achieve a Brazilian carnivore, quinceanera theme by including costumes inspired by the carnivore such as masks and feathers. You can also include Brazilian menus and play samba music.

2. Charlie and the chocolate factory

Every fifteen year old loves chocolate. Going with this theme will certainly attract many people to your party and make you the most popular girl on the block. To incorporate this theme into your party, you can indulge in an overboard chocolate party setting complete with one or two fountains of chocolate and centerpieces of chocolate. To add a special touch, you can even watch the movie with your friends.

3. Pirate inspired quinceanera

A quinceanera inspired by pirate themes would definitely not be traditional. However, you may not be so much of a traditional person. If you love pirates, incorporating a pirate theme into your party would certainly be unique. For your party look in this theme, you can wear off-the-shoulder attire and the classic pirate eye patch. You can use ships as your centerpieces, treasure chests, pirate flags, nets and candles. However, do not make it too scary for some of your friends to attend.

4. Dance with the stars

If you are a fan of dancing like most fifteen-year-old girls, you can include this in your party. You will achieve this theme by using large centerpieces using mirror ball trophy. To make it more fun and interesting, you can include a dancing contest, and leave room for the judges’ table. On your invitation cards, encourage all your guests to wear dancing attire. Have more than one dancing contest such as for each age group.

5. Stick to the Mexican quinceanera

You can simply decide to stick to the traditional Mexican quinceanera especially if you live in Mexico or have Mexican roots. Use white, red, and green as your main theme colors. Include traditional Mexican menus such as mole and birria. Try to hire an experienced Mariachi band, and name the tables after different Mexican cities. Do not forget to wear Mexican attire.

Once you are past the year fifteen, you will never have another chance to celebrate your own quinceanera. Hence, you have to make it as special and as unique as you can. Choosing a unique party theme is the begging of making your party unique. Sit down and think about it carefully so that you come up with a suitable one.

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