Hand hygiene – Why washing your hands is important

Washing your hand is perhaps one of the simplest habits, but it goes a long way in helping you maintain your health and hygiene. It is said that your hands carry most of the germs, and so washing it properly can help you avoid falling sick. This is such a simple habit, that you would not require spending much time on this. You simply need a proper soap that kills germ and water.

Why should you maintain hand hygiene?

It is the hand which you sue for writing or carrying a thing. It is your hand again which you sue fir wiping your face or body and even any other material. Yet again, it is your hand which you use while eating. Therefore, the germ travels into your body directly through the hands and so it is extremely important to wash and clean your hands often.

English: hand washing with soap

English: hand washing with soap (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

However, ironically enough very few people fail to give importance to hand washing. Your hand gets contaminated with germs throughout the day as you may touch dirty or dust filled surfaces, shake hands with others, and so on. As a result, it is extremely important for you to wash your hands before eating.

Different forms of infectious diseases spread through hands and these can be the flu, cough and cold, diarrhea and so on. In fact, as per a survey, flu along with pneumonia is considered to be the 8thleading cause for death of majority of the Americans.

When should you wash your hands?

It’s important to wash your hands as often as possible. However, you should never forget washing your hands when:

  1. You are busy preparing food
  2. While eating
  3. When serving food
  4. While treating wounds and cuts
  5. When giving medicine to another person
  6. While using the toilet
  7. While changing a diaper

You need to wash your hands after touching the garbage can, raw flesh and meat and even vegetables, after touching animals, after blowing your nose or sneezing, after gardening and so on.

The how to of washing your hands

Washing your hands is a very simple process but here are a few steps on doing it properly:

  1. You will have to wet your hands with water
  2. Then you will have to a the bar or liquid soap
  3. The next step would be to lather up
  4. Then, you will have to rub the hands for a few seconds to cleanse off any dirt. Do not fail to scrub all of the surfaces and that means even the back of your hands and the wrists, the space in between your fingers and even the place under your fingernails
  5. You will have to rinse your hands
  6. Then, go on to dry your hand with an air dryer or may be a clean towel

If you are not at home and cannot get a clean water source, remember to carry along a bottle of water and a hand sanitizer. This way  you will be taking care of the good health of your entire family.

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