Harmless Smoking With ECigaratte

Cigarette is harmful for your health, we have heard this a lot of times. Yet, you cannot give up the kick it produces from the puff. Though a lot of times you have wanted to quit smoking, you could not do so. The smoker as well as the passive smoker are both harmed by the smoke inhaled.

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There is an exciting news for such smokers. There is an innovative product, which gives the effect of smoking, but without the harmful effects of smoking. E cigarette is a device, which looks like an original cigarette, has the same effect of a cigarette, but carefully avoiding the harmful tobacco.

Working of e cigarette

The e cigarettes consists of the cigarette cartridge, which stores the e liquid, the atomizer and the battery. The liquid gives up the smoke when lit, without the typical odour of the original cigarettes.

While it is not an FDA approved product, it definitely is less harmful than the original cigarettes.

There are about 4,000 harmful ingredients in the original cigarettes, out of which 69 cause cancer related diseases, while there are only about 10-20 ingredients in e cigarettes. On top of this, it doesn’t give out the strong smoke which causes lung related diseases even in passive smokers.

The e liquid is formed of water, propylene glycol and nicotine. Propylene glycol is a harmful product, which is used in many food products, the nicotine used in elektronisk cigaret is much less compared with the original cigarette. The original cigarette has 10 times more nicotine than in the e cigarettes.

While the effect is the same, the substance consumed is much less and thus less harmful. However, please note that it is harmful to use such substance if you have some health conditions, for pregnant and nursing women and also in children.

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