Having long healthy hair is no more a dream

Vitamins are utmost necessary for growth of hair as well as for enhancing overall health. One cannot have healthy long hair until and unless one maintains proper mineral balance inside the body. Another most important thing to be remembered is that both oils and vitamins can assist one to boost hair thickness and growth, which most of the time goes overlooked.


Vitamin B7 is one of the best vitamins for hair thickness and growth. Biotin is an important vitamin which prohibits the production of fatty acids and enhances cell growth.

If the test results reveal that one suffers from biotin deficiency then one should immediately commence consuming B-complex supplements. One will gradually see remarkable results in just few weeks.

Vitamin A and C also improves hair structure thereby improving the immune system of the body. Vitamin A helps one to fight diseases that can cause weakness and hair-fall. Vitamin D helps in absorbing minerals. Deficiency of vitamin D can lead to the deficiency of various other vitamins that are important for beautiful hair.

Vitamin B7 and B12 are important vitamins in building protein inside the body. Hair is basically made of proteins. Thus a body cannot have strong hair if one is suffering from protein deficiency. One should consume meat and soy products which are great sources of proteins.

Vitamin E is absolutely essential for ones who suffer from scalp diseases. It not only strengthens scalp but also protects hair. Vitamin E is mainly found in nuts, avocado and sunflower seeds.

Consuming hair vitamins for faster growing hair is a good idea.  It ensures that the body has enough nutrients so that it produces long hair. A healthy diet should contain all sorts of vitamins.

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