Healthy Breakfast Ideas for Healthier Women of Today

Breakfast actually literally means, “Breaking the fast”. This is an early morning meal that an individual takes after a long night of fasting actually means. It is of great important that this meal should be taken right as it is the one that helps to refuel and restock the body after a long period of starvation.

breakfast for women

Breakfast being the most important meal of the day should be taken relatively heavy compared to lunch and dinner. Especially for women’s of today the following are some of the ideas for a healthy breakfast; Brown barley or rice – This should be cooked the previous night. Topped with a handful of raisins, a bit of slices apple, then a little sprinkle of cinnamon, this should accompany with some fat reduced milk.

A half topped whole wheat pita, and grilled Canadian bacon, some reduced cottage cheese can be added, a bit of tomatoes. Also mushrooms can be included. This can be served with pure fruit juice some scramble egg; this can be sprinkled with just a teaspoon of ground flaxseeds. It can be served with mixed bread grains.

A serving of fresh fruit salad can also be taken, and also a small glass of low fat milk. Bread made from mixed grain and a little almond butter, with some slices of banana, adding some raisins on top and a handful sprinkle of cinnamon. This could be served with a glass of low fat milk. Sandwiches made of lean ham or even turkey, together with whole bread, could be topped with some tomatoes and can be taken with a glass of low fat milk.

Some fresh sliced melon, this could be hurled in a bowl with one passion fruit pulp, and also topped with natural yoghurt and completed with a handful of muesli. You can check out various yogurt maker and milk makers online which can help you prepare all your meals super-fast.

Ideally all meals and a natural diet that has a common-sense approach must be taken healthily so that you can keep yourself fit and healthy. Breakfast being the most important meal should be the heaviest meal, followed by lunch, and dinner must be the lightest meal. If so desired, healthy snacks mostly consisting of fruits should be taken in between meals to complement for those in between meal hungers.

Water must be taken in plenty to aid in digestion and metabolism. The most important thing is to make sure that all the meals are balanced. A good portion of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins must be present. Food should be made at home if possible as opposed to buying processed food. To conclude healthy breakfast ideas are ways of not only making individuals healthy but also guarantee a longer life.

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