Simple Natural Ways to Get Healthy Weight and Energetic Body

Weight loss and slimming is like a mirage to a majority of weight watchers as they find that they can never reach their weight loss goal, however hard they try.

Most of the pills, fad diets, and supplements that flood the weight loss market do not have any remarkable effect whatsoever.

The best and successful way to lose weight is resorting to simple and natural weight loss efforts. Here are some tips that will help you out.


1- Calorie Wisdom

To have an effective weight loss, you should consume fewer calories. For instance, if you eat a dessert cake that has 300 calories, it may need only 100 calories to be expended by your body to digest it.

You gain 200 excess calories, which gets stored as fat. But if you eat an apple that has only 55 calories, it will need the same 100 calories for digestion in your body, but this leads to an extra 45 calories being burnt, which is what you should aim at when you choose the foods you add to your meals.

2- Improve Metabolism

The secret of a healthy weight loss and slimming lies in how you increase the metabolic rate. Eating frequent and healthy meals of smaller amounts increases the metabolic rate significantly. Skipping meals or starving does not have any effect on the body’s fat-burning capacity.

In fact the opposite happens. During starving, body tends to retain as much fat as possible like animals do during hibernation. This adds on weight. The best way therefore is to increase the metabolic rate.

3- Be Happy and Stress Free

Being happy and stress free in life is one of the best ways by which you can improve your looks and overall physique. Believe it or not it also helps in reducing your weight and increasing in internal body energy.

According to Fika concept in Swedish culture, it is important that everyone in their life should make time for Fika every day.

Fika particularly refers to spending time with friends and colleagues, sharing a cup of coffee (or tea) along with a little something to eat which makes you feel refreshed and energetic.

4- Focus on Complex Carbohydrates

The best form of carbohydrate for weight loss is the complex type. Baked potatoes and chicken have this in high concentration. When you tone down the foods that are high in fat and protein, and add complex carbohydrates alone, you can lose weight faster.

Digestion is improved when you eat raw and fresh fruits and vegetables. Simple carbohydrates are converted into glucose and later into fat by the body and hence should be avoided. Fruit juices and fizzy drinks and sweets have simple carbohydrates and hence should not be included.

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