How are modern games and methods affecting the quality of life?

Are you aware of the changes in modern world? You don’t seem to see all these in your busy life. If your kid asks you what is a puppet, there is nothing to wonder about it. You have never taught him and he hasn’t seen it. Nowadays, a three year old knows to handle a mobile or an electronic gadget in an appreciable way. Is it good? When there is advancing engagements in technological aspects, we are losing much of our culture. The traditional and contemporary stuffs suffer a lot. The Muppets and puppets have become a long lost playing mode for new generation children.

Video game station

Video game station (Photo credit: niallkennedy)

Surprising and shocking fact on video gaming

More than 50% of the population play video games and a greater percentage from that is addicted to this sort of venture. They say it is stress busting. But actually it increases pressure on you. The challenges are still on and the targets are tough. So, it gives a negative impact on relaxing your mind and body. American studies confirm 72 percentage of the total population engaging in regular gaming. Refrain from such games those heats up your thoughts as the purpose of any game is to chill you during leisure time.

Tips to bring back old games

How to enrich your children with the right things and lead them away from the side effects of new genera practices would trouble you a bit for sure. For sure, if you ask your teenage kid to quit video games, one fine day, he wouldn’t. That is not just his mistake. He is so adapted to it. You should have done this in the initial days itself. Let him go through the wide array of old games; both indoor and outdoor ones. This is best from a stage when he starts playing. That would be easy for them to understand life with quality as you wish and grow up.

Tricks to adopt healthy methods

It has become a code of conduct that the guy who scores the top level is the best among the kids. This should be changed as to achieve this; kids spend long hours hitting the gaming pads. This is totally unhealthy and has to be changed. Talk to your kid about the side effects probable and the harm that the radiations are doing to them. Don’t shout at them and adopt a friendly manner in making them understand. This works often to persuade the child minds and take them back to what is good for them.

Vibrating family attachments

Spend some time with your child daily. How do you expect your kid to be good when you don’t teach him anything right? Who would take care of your child, if you can’t? If you are working parents, it doesn’t take you out of the responsibility as parents. You have to talk to your kids daily; find time for it and solve their problems. There is no point in calling them spoiled without doing this in time. Then, it is your mistake.

The Elmo cookie monster is a fun way to deal with the stress and a perfect toy that hurts nil. We need to accept such playing gadgets and say no to electronic ones. There is a deep addiction factor involved in new era games. This is bad for your kid’s health and later becomes hard for them to quit. As suggested, creative and innovative technological usage is wise and appreciative. Robots for instance make children curious and would want them to know about the theories later. It is fun yet healthy. So, grab a method that is actually a means to cover up leisure time without shattering health quotient. Get a grip on the losing traditional stuffs too.

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