How Cervical or Neck Traction Helps For Getting Pain Relief?

Cervical or neck traction is nothing but a light stretching of the neck or the cervical spine for providing the pain relief. It has seven vertebrae and when any of these get injured in a minor car mishap, due to continuous sitting for longer periods or due to continue driving, the problem arises.

neck traction

neck traction

In such situations, cervical or neck traction helps to generate space amid the vertebrae in order to keep the spinal discs in position and healthy. This provides the relief in pain for the sufferer. Proper position can be achieved through cervical traction contraindications and with the help of assisted stretching, yoga poses, with the support and guidance of a chiropractor, a massage therapist or a physical therapist.

Untouched or untreated neck pain or any discomfort easily worsens the problem and create a long term issue. According to expert sites such as if the pain is left untreated can lead to stiffness or chronic neck pain and even may move to the upper back and also shoulders. It is important to get cervical traction contraindications for minor neck pain as it helps to achieve slight cervical traction at your comfort place or at the massage center.

Basically, the methods or techniques applied in the spinal traction are based upon the patient’s physical situation, individual tolerance or disorder and the level of treatment. The application of traction can be posited, manual or even mechanical as the traction is applied as the incessant force or sporadically.

During the traction process, the psychotherapist may change the position of the head to one side, bend or extend the neck with the effort of their hands. A good change in the head position during traction may show positive effects or results by reducing the patient’s symptoms.

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