How Effective it Can be to Send Electronic Invitations for Wedding

There is no doubt that Internet has literally affected almost every aspect of human life. In case of wedding, it has totally changed the way the big event is planned. The hype and craze for Internet is such that many have set up their own blogs to share their progress on wedding plans, and that several of them have a site along with their e-mail addresses for upcoming weddings in their families.

Therefore, it is not surprising to have couples sending electronic invitations instead of printed cards. However, the question is whether this modern means of sending invitations can be effective for you or not. Let’s find this out by going through the pros and cons of sending electronic invitations.

Electronic Invitations for Wedding

Pros of Electronic Invitations

One of the biggest advantages of using an electronic medium for sending a wedding invitation is reduced cost. It is known to all that formal invitations been printed in a professional way is usually expensive. In addition, you also pay for posting them. However, in case of an electronic medium, this is not the case.

You just have to choose a design online that you can just send by an e-mail. This means there is no design, printing, or posting cost involved. Therefore, if you are looking for affordable ideas as per your wedding budget, electronic invitations are ideal for you.

Another benefit of these personalized invitation cards is that you can enjoy the features of multimedia. With electronic invitations, there is no limit to the different ways you can include to convey what you desire. You have text, images, animation, sounds, or a recorded video message to be included in the invitation for your guests. Instead of e-mailing the invitation, you can simply post it on a social networking site for your guest group.

Electronic means no paper, which means you will be saving trees for the well being of your environment. Therefore, these personalized invitation cards are an Eco-friendly options. There is no doubt that going green is now becoming a trend in today’s weddings.

Cons of Wedding Invitations

With an electronic version, the biggest con is the least chance of a reply. Although most people check their mails on regular basis due to which it may seem easier to get an electronic reply, it has been found that more replies are sent through posts.

As a result, the classic wedding announcements are now taking up a modern look, as the couples are keen to research online about the latest designs and wordings on the invitation cards. This is surprising to know despite of single-click reply. It may be because guests may perceive an electronic invitation as less formal or because the invitation is viewed once and easily forgotten.

The other limitation is that there is a considerable risk to lose the invitation. It may happen that an e-mail address may be out of date, Inbox may be full, the e-mail may be treated as SPAM, and the e-mail can get directed to the junk folder. Therefore, just like posts, e-mails are also not 100% reliable, especially if your e-mail address is not known by that of the guest.

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