How free sex sites could turn you into the expert

Sex and the City. How YOU can be the next Carrie Bradshaw

Who hasn’t seen Sex and the City? Carrie Bradshaw writes her column, talking about how men and women behave sexually in New York City, addressing the ins and out (pun intended) of the lives of the modern day man and woman

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If you’ve ever envied her professional position, why not indulge in a little fantasy, and set up your own blog/column? You can report the findings of the talent in YOUR city by getting as much sex as you possbly can when you try out a sex finder sites for NSA and Hook up:, or outstanding

Set yourself a target. Decide how many people you want to meet and have sex with, and figure out what kind of topics you want to talk about. Of course, you can’t name names, but you can become a little bit of a local celebrity when you share your sexy secrets. And you don’t even have to use your real name. Why not get yourself a pen name?

You can even set yourself a topic for the week and then speak to people online via adult cyber chat and see if they will be right for what you are looking to find out. Have some fun with it but always respect someone’s right to privacy. You could blog about your experiences and then put it all together to create a book. Books such as ‘Belle Du Jour’ came about from someone in the UK simply writing a blog under a pen name about her experiences as an Escort. It was turned into a best selling book and tv show ‘Secret Diary of a Call Girl’. You never know! is a site where you can sign up free of charge and you can use the site to talk to people and be inspired about writing about sex. Figure out what makes people tick, local adult chat can really open your eyes to what people are into in your area

Why not write an eBook about the how to’s of online dating and adult dating? A great info product that others could use, and you could even do an advice column to look at how to get the most out of your experience and how to cope with any dilemma that you encounter along the way. There could be a whole new career ahead of you. Okay, so this is fun, but the more I think about this, the more I think… why not?. Get out there and see what you can learn from sex. It’s something we should all talk more about.

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