How Have Christening Gifts Changed in the Past 50 Years

Over the last five decades people’s perception of christenings has changed quite dramatically. Today a christening is considered as being the “exception” rather than the rule with the number of children being christened in the UK declining over the last thirty years. Figures show that one in three babies were baptised in 1980 but this figure dropped to one in ten by the year 2011 whether infants were baptised as Church of England or Catholic. This downward trend in the UK in both religions however has seen other changes in tradition which includes the type of gifts that are offered.


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More Godparents than Ever Before

Although the number of baptisms and christenings are down, the number of godparents is higher than ever before with some children boasting anything up to seven – an example being Prince George. The one constant where christenings are concerned is the tradition of offering a gift to the child in question. However, this too has changed in-so-far as more and more people choose to offer christening gifts which at one time would have been considered as out of the ordinary – but not so in these modern times.

A Change in Christening Gift Trends

For decades christenings have been “big” business with designers all over the world getting in on the act. Well known designers now offer bespoke gifts that are becoming very popular and some of which are pretty “off the wall”. However, offering traditional silver christening gifts is still popular with a lot of people choosing to buy items that are silver plated instead of the more traditional solid Sterling Silver which over the last couple of decades is far less strictly adhered to than in days of yore.

Gone Are the Days of the Silver Christening Spoon

Although silver spoons still feature at many christenings, they are far less evident than they were fifty years ago. Even the trend for silver rattles is on the decline these days. One trend which is definitely on the up is to plant a tree in honour of a child’s christening. Another idea which has become popular is to offer an infant a bottle of scotch which they would then savour when they reach the ripe old age of twenty one. This is, of course yet another important occasion that traditionally needs to be celebrated – and what better way than with a bottle of the best whisky that was offered at a christening!

Designer Christening Gifts

There are many well-known designers who offer bespoke christening gifts which many people now like to offer infants and which are popular with parents too! The cachet of style and class the gifts boast makes them very popular and in time these designer gifts will be valued by the children when they are older too.


Although the number of infants being christened has been on the decline over the last fifty years, the christening gift business is booming with well-known designers getting in on the act. The trend to offer bespoke gifts that are more than just a little unusual is definitely on the rise. Silver christening gifts can still be purchased although in these modern times, pewter and silver plate items are now the norm. However, more and more people are choosing to offer more unique christening gifts which includes planting a tree in honour of a child’s christening so that watch it grow throughout their lives.

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