How To Choose the Right Color for Your Prom Dress?

Prom season is always a fun time for girls. It is a right of passage for every girl and when prom approaches, girls start searching for the perfect dress. This can be a difficult task for any girl as it can be very hard to pick the right dress.

Every girl wants to be the belle of the ball and have the most beautiful dress, this is why the decision is difficult.  Color is the main factor in the decision of the perfect prom dress.

There are many factors that are attributed to choosing a color and should be considered carefully. Below are a few tips to help you choose the perfect dress color for your prom.

white prom dress

1- Your Complexion

First of all, every girl should consider their complexion before making a decision.

Certain colors look better on each person so it is important to choose the right color that blends with the skin tone. Fair complexions work well with soft colors like pastels.

Champagne, light blue and coral are a great color choice for this skin tone. Darker skin tones look great in bright colors such as dark red, emerald green, and bright orange.

Always consider skin tone before making a dress choice.

2- Consider Your Date

It is also important for every girl to consider their date. You want to look great in your pictures, so discuss color choices with your date.

Does he want to wear a colored vest or cumberbund? He may want to stick with basic black or gray which will make your color choices very open.

If he wants a specific color, you will have to choose the same or something similar to match and look coordinated in pictures.

Shirt choice should also be considered. Your date may also want to wear a gray or white suit. This is also to be considered to make sure you both are on the same page.

3- Consider Your Partner

You not only need to consider color choices with your partner but also conservatism. Do you want to wear a wild print?

You might want to make sure your date is okay with you standing out. He may want to wear a top hat and bring a cane.

Always consider color and palette choices with your date so you can choose the best option that will suit both of your needs.

4- Try-On More Than One

Girls should also remember to try on a nice selection of dresses. Try on many different styles and colors to determine which option works best for your body type and skin tone.

This way, you know what works and what doesn’t.  Even take someone with you so that you have a second opinion.

Most importantly, remember to have fun. The night is more about time with your friends and making memories.

No one will remember your dress but they will remember how much fun you all had together!

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5- Consider the Prom Décor

Most proms are created based on a theme such as Under The Sea or After Midnight. Each theme will have its own color palette.

You want to be sure that your dress goes well with the color palette and does not contrast harshly.

Imagine wearing a bright orange dress with a forest green backdrop. This would not blend well and make for horrible pictures.

Choose a color that goes with the palette so that you look well with the background.

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