How to Choose the Right Scarf for Your Style

Scarves are the most versatile fashion accessory. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be worn for any event. The best part of scarves is that they are least expensive fashion accessory. Scarves can boost any outfit. Since, one can wear scarf in many ways, it adds dimension to your outfits.

English: Melodia Gitana - Casol square silk sc...

English: Melodia Gitana – Casol square silk scarf – Twill 14 Foulard en soie 35″ x 35″ – made in France – hand rolled. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People usually look for ways to keep warm as the winter cools off. Scarves are the best fashionable chic that helps to shield off the cold. There is an array of colors, designs to choose from. However, it is important to choose the right design that suits your aesthetic appeal.

While choosing a scarf, you should take care of certain things. Neutral colors pair up with almost all costume. For skinny jeans with a very suave jacket, long and narrow scarves look good. Monochromatic pairing is the safest choice for crisp and polished pieces. Contrast metallic elements off the clothing with soft textured pieces.

Tips to enhance your look using scarves

If you are tall and slim, go for square scarves. It adds charm to your garment and also makes you seem layering. Square scarves are multifunctional and can be used in various ways and over any part to highlight. If you are petite figure, you have to choose carefully. By choosing appropriate scarf, it is easy to intensify your charm and make you look shorter.

Don’t choose long scarf as it makes you seem too heavy. It is better to wear scarves of light materials like silk and satin. It is better to wear scarves around neck. If you are a big figure oblong scarves will suit you well. You have to tie the scarf around your neck and leave part of scarf hanging down. If your hanging part is long, then it makes you seem slim.

If you have short neck, choose light texture scarves. It should not cover your neck. Instead showing part of it makes you more pretty. Women who have long necks need to tie scarves up close to the chin. This helps you to avoid showing your neck so add. It is wise to buy from wholesale scarves shop as they offer their customers the ability to accent their style without breaking the bank.

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