How To Find An Emergency Water Damage Specialist

Emergency damage is something that is caused by flooding or a plumbing accident. Water fills up a space too quickly with not enough reaction time and when exposed for long durations can harm the structure and belongings. Water can seep through to the foundation of the building and cause extensive damage as well. The only recourse under such circumstances is to call an emergency water damage specialist.

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Workshop Recovery of Water Damaged Material – Group Assesses Damages (Photo credit: Smithsonian Institution Archives)

What is Emergency Water Damage Specialist Services?

A team of experts in dealing with different aspects of the situation offers this kind of specialist services. They have plumbers to fix leaks, structural experts to analyze the building for damages, skilled hands to take on repairs and experts to plan out an effective drying schedule. All this is achievable with their skill as well as state of the art machinery they use for this purpose. Heavy-duty sump pumps, driers, dehumidifiers, thermal imaging techniques to detect moisture etc help restore the building without having to tear it down.

This kind of comprehensive restoration may not be possible any other way. Things that have been severely damaged due to water are replaced and things that can be repaired are salvaged. Even personal things are salvaged using the best drying techniques. If the repairs need lot of time, they move belongings to safer location. These specialists also salvage documents and electronics using the freeze-drying and vacuum drying techniques.

Tips To Select The Best Specialist

There is plenty of choice available for homeowners to select from but the problem is that in emergency situations, people tend to make mistakes and can sign up the wrong person for the job. Take some time to ask around and verify references before handing over the job to a specialist. They need to be registered with the local governing body and possess the necessary license to work on such jobs and above all they need to have insurance cover. Their team should be prompt in responding to an emergency call, assess the damage and give a clear idea about what their task would be. Once the initial repairs are made, leaks fixed and water drained, sit down to get a written contract made out. This should give complete details about the estimated time for repairs and expenditures. This helps homeowners keep tabs on progress of work.

As part of restoration, their team works closely with homeowners to sift through personal belongings and make an inventory of things that need to be discarded and those that can be salvaged. A plan of action is then worked out. Most of the reputed specialist service providers work closely with home insurance companies as well. This makes life a lot easier in such trying times.  They leave no chance for moisture to be present in the structure. With the help of infrared imaging they detect even minute traces of moisture, work on water stains and ensure that the place is completely dry before disinfecting it. This is very important for the future of the building; moss, mildew and pests can cause severe damage to the home and people as they pose severe health risks.

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