How to Grocery Shop like a Chef

You just got a raise and thought well now you could splurge on that weekend getaway with your friends. But by the end of the month you do not where it all went. Or did you not spend extravagantly this week but still feel like all the cash just vanished away. Do not panic. There might be several reasons behind this drainage. One good guess would be your bad grocery shopping habits. You might be spending more on it than on anything else.

shopping Here are some mistakes you are making and some great tips you are not following while going grocery shopping.

List of General Bad Grocery Habits

  1. Not checking what is leftover at home before going shopping: You might have a lot of leftovers yet to be utilized. Try finding ways to use them in some recipe instead of just getting more stuff for your regular dishes. It will give you a chance to be more creative in your kitchen.
  2. Going shopping with kids: If you are that mother who brings kids to the grocery store, you are doomed. First you are going to take forever, shopping for your stuff and secondly one of your kids is bound to throw an embarrassing tantrum at some point or the other for which you need to buy them that expensive candy or soda pop.
  3. Picking easy options to cook food: Do you pick ginger powder or garlic paste instead of their alternate fresh form? Do you think it saves your valuable time in which you can think of ways to earn more money? You cannot be more wrong. These processed forms which would have otherwise taken just 60 seconds to prepare at home made you pay almost ten times more.
  4. Sticking to your favorite veggie or fruit: It has become more of a trend to eat out of season veggie or fruits these days. People tend to feel superior while eating a mango in winters. This unnoticed show off of yours affects your budget ridiculously which must be stopped.

List of a Chef’s Habits while Grocery Shopping

  1. Stick to your shopping list: Prepare all that you want beforehand. Do not keep it off, thinking you would just remember what all you need. Our mind does not function this way. With so many options in front of us, we find ways to utilize them and end up buying more.
  2. Pick up in bulk: Store the whole grains, cereals, sugar, salt, nuts, and seeds. The bulk section of these products in grocery is way cheaper than those ridiculously overpriced small and attractive packages of the same.
  3. Buy fresh veggies and fruits of the season: It is a sure shot way of ensuring you get good quality stuff at cheaper rates.
  4. Only go shopping once a week: Fix a day for your shopping so that you are not going everyday and spending on unwanted food items.
  5. Keep an eye on the promos of different food items while watching television: Do not just change channels unthinkingly as soon as there is a break. Many food companies keep on offering big discounts or schemes from time to time.

In the end, you have to be willing to be patient enough and track row after row filled with grocery items before picking the only one you need, instead of dropping all those attractive, useless stuff in your shopping trolley bag on the way.

Author Box:

Ken Wilson teaches you the Chef’s way of shopping whenever you visit a grocery store. In addition to this habit, he also suggests making wise of promos on different food products and bulk offers that go a long way to save a good deal of money for you.

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