How to Know if you’re in Love or Lust?

Are you finding it tough to differentiate between these two? How to know if you’re in love or lust? Fine, I shall explain that to you.

First of all when it comes to lust, you desire for the other person and would like to go for a physical attraction. So to put it in a nutshell lust could be more of physical attraction and love is beyond that.

In love you would like to completely accept the person unconditionally and would like to do anything for the other person. You might also get ready to do any kind of sacrifice if you are really in love with any person. Now that we are clear with what exactly love and lust are we can further analyze about our existing relationships. So How to know if you’re in love or lust?

To understand the perspective of the person about sex, we must understand the difference between love and lust. Love is selfless, sacrificial and committed. On the other hand, in lust situations or people are molded according to the needs of one person only and is selfish, is enclosed in itself and does not accept a compromise.

Love and lust are totally opposite. Constantly repel. What we must ask ourselves is: How to know if you’re in love or lust? Check whether your sexual relationship is an expression of love or lust. “I respect you and value you. I want to give myself entirely to you” or “I want to use you to meet my needs, especially to have orgasms.” If God created sex as an expression of love, then lust is a lie that hurts and destroys.

Marriage is a mystery, the union of two people becoming one. Marriage does not guarantee love. But if taken seriously as an unconditional commitment of loyalty and credibility for the rest of our lives, it can work well. Just as the acid test for recognition through the litmus, marriage is the test to see if there is a real commitment. But as we know that, do we really love someone to have sex with that person? Marriage gives us the pattern to see if we really want to commit to that person for the rest of our lives. So, How to know if you’re in love or lust?

Marriage is like a safety net. We are all fragile and imperfect. How come we can be sure of the love of the partner with our failures and insecurities? The answer is again: compromise. If there is no commitment involved, then love is not legitimate and sexual relations only give us an orgasm which technically requires two people.

Lust is a powerful and seductive, but it is selfish and opposed to love. If we foster and feed lust then we are exposed to a dramatic isolation, loneliness, insecurity and emptiness. What is left after the orgasm? We turn into something that does not satisfy us more and we get bored when we are alone with feelings of guilt and loneliness? Love and commitment is very difficult and requires hard work. It also requires honor, respect, forgiveness and sacrifice. So now did you understand how to know if you’re in love or lust?

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