How to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

While it is natural to fall sick from time to time, research has shown that most diseases are preventable. It is the aspiration of everyone to be healthy though, unfortunately, most people do nothing or very little towards ensuring that they have a healthy lifestyle. Some of the steps that a person can take to stay healthy include:


I. Eat healthy food

• Carbohydrates and fats provide necessary energy to engage in daily activities.

• Proteins provide the building blocks for formation of body muscle and also repair worn out tissue.

• Vitamins strengthen the immune system helping fight disease in the body.

• Minerals aid in the formation and strengthening of body organs and blood.

In addition to food, you should ensure that you take enough water. Water is essential for:

i) It is the main component for all body fluids e.g. blood.

ii) It serves as a coolant in the body due to the heat produced during various processes.

iii) It is used as a medium for expulsion of waste from the body in form of urine.

Fats should be taken in moderation as excess fats can coalesce in blood vessels and in the heart and cause circulatory and heart diseases. These fats also cause excessive body weight. Excess sugar in the body can cause diabetes. is a good site to check out which will help you get more information on how to get all the nutrition you need.

II. Being physically active

It is important that you should try to participate in physical activities as much as possible. This helps in

• Strong bones and muscle as well as increased flexibility.

 • Physical activities provide a healthy distraction that enables one avoid depression.

• Physical activities help burn extra calories in the body hence controlling weight gain.

• Being physically active strengthens the immune system.

III. Avoid stress

A healthy lifestyle starts with a healthy mind. This is achieved by;

• Getting enough sleep. Sleep provides a necessary rest for the body and mind and lack of it may lead to anger fits, depression and compromised judgments.

 • You should create time to engage in activities that you enjoy such as spending time with loved ones, taking part in sports or watching a movie.

• If possible, avoid spending too much time thinking about stressful experiences from the past or being overanxious about the future.

• Should it be necessary, get professional help in dealing with the stress.

IV. Desist from unhealthy habits

It is essential that one stays away for harmful drugs.
• Tobacco contains harmful substances which affect the respiratory system causing diseases such as cancers of the throat and lungs.

• Alcohol affects the liver. The liver’s main function is to purify blood and continuous exposure to alcohol in the blood can cause damage to it resulting in a disease known as Liver Cirrhosis. In addition, alcohol inhibits proper judgment which can lead to crime and other irresponsible behaviour.

 • Other street drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, heroin and ecstasy also affect judgement.

V. Regular body checks

It is advisable that a person should visit a doctor at least once every four months even in the absence of falling sick. These check-ups help identify internal malfunctions of the body and also help prevent any outbreaks. A doctor can also tell you if you need to make any changes in your general way of life to pre-empt any possible conditions.

VI. Hygiene

Simple hygienic practices such as brushing teeth regularly and washing hands can go a long way in ensuring a healthy lifestyle.Washing hands after visiting the toilet and before handling food can help curb the spread of diseases such as cholera and dysentery. Brushing teeth not only ensures fresh breath but also prevents cavities and tooth decay.

VII. Stay safe

You should ensure that you are adequately prepared in case in emergencies.

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