How to Make the Most Important Day of Your Life Musical

Marriage is the most important day of everybody’s life. This is one occasion where you are the real hero or heroine of the day – the centre of attraction for all. You are dressed for the occasion, the venue is well decorated and now it is time for some music. Let us take a look at the various intricacies of wedding music and how you should go about selecting the right music and the right singer for this precious moment in your life . It is often seen that with a little amount of planning and neat execution, an ordinary ceremony can be made into a memorable one. Wedding music can be differentiated into various parts as per the time it is played.

wedding Wedding music: Yes, music plays an important role in marriages and nowadays great importance is given to wedding music. It can include any music that is played at wedding ceremonies or any related event including engagement. Wedding music is of various types and includes those which are played during the ceremony, those that are played before the ceremony and some which are played after the ceremony. Greater care is to be taken when you hire a musician for your wedding because he will play a crucial part in the whole ceremony and bring life to it.

Entry Song: Perhaps the most important and common wedding song is the entry song which would mark the entry of the bride or the bridegroom. In various cultures it is often customary to receive the bridegroom with music. Nowadays it is often seen that the couples opt for the latest film songs for the entry and dance to the music. It is not uncommon to see the guests also dancing with them.

Religious Element: Music plays a very important role in the solemn ceremony of marriage in almost all religions but in varying degrees. In Hindu weddings, it is customary to play the traditional music during the ceremony when the bridegroom ties the knot.

Fun songs: The time after the ceremony is often used to have fun and enjoyment and quite often the wedding music turns into party songs. Quite often the guests wait for the couple to dance first and then they also join the revelry and it is the fun time. It is seen that fast paced songs often are the most popular in such circumstances.

Live and recorded music: Wedding songs can be live or recorded. Some couples make sure that they have the best singer sing for them live during the ceremony, whereas others may opt for recorded music which is substantially less expensive. Live music, of course, has its own charm and is more enjoyable since it allows the guests to interact with the singer and make the ceremony more vivacious.

Live or recorded, music is an inevitable part of any wedding and hence better care has to be taken in this aspect right from arranging the right singer and the right sound system for the auditorium. All the best to mark your occasion special!

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Mark Farley helps you add that special touch in your occasion the musical way. Though you can always hire a musician for your wedding, the ideas should be yours to ensure that exclusivity to the occasion.

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