How To Raise Kittens In A Healthy Way

Kitten care is really a nice experience. When you grow your cat from its kitten age, the chances are your pet will become more friendly and self-indulgent. However, you have to give proper care and treatment at its young age in order to keep your cat healthy.

You can adopt a cat at its age of 8 weeks. At this age, kittens no longer need breast milk and start to display symbols of independence as well. But, if you have an adopted kitty that still needs nursing, then do follow the below tips to make the kitty feel you like its mother.

English: Kitten

English: Kitten (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Buy a kitten milk replacer. There are special feeding bottles available in the market for kitty. Hygiene should be strictly preserved and don’t leave any balance of milk on the bottle. Kittens that are a few days old should feed every 2-3 hours.


Kittens are unable to regulate their body temperature and so, you have to provide warm bedding and hot water bottle to keep your pet warm.

Defecating elements

Many cat stories reveal that mother cat uses to lick its puppy to make it to poop. You have to imitate this by rubbing the genitals and anus with cotton wool mist, till the kitty relieves itself along in sand.

Medications and treatments

At the age of one month, you have to take your kitten to the vet in order to check the health and growth rate as well as to give deworming. When the pet reaches 3 lb weight, take it to get the first vaccine in the series of 3 vaccinations.

Try out a special diet for your kitten at its one month age. Give boiled chicken, tuna in water and white cheese. Fresh water and dry food can also be given and strictly avoid milk, bones and snacks.

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