How To Repair Dry And Cracked Cuticles

The majority of the women are seen complaining about their feet regarding cracked and dry cuticles. Nails are natural way to enhance your feet and hands. Naturally it takes an extra care to maintain them, as the area is particularly dried compared to the skin of other body parts.

Cuticles When your nails are nicely shaped they make your feet look amazing. You can make your feet/hands look desirable by applying a good quality nail polish, but if your nails are cracked and broken they are no good sight no matter how you try to cover up.

The best way to overcome this problem is to cure to try to repair dry and cracked cuticles than just hiding them. This will not only make your hands and feet look clumsy but it will worsen the problem ahead.

The remedies to repair the dry and cracked cuticles are several and some of them are listed below:

· The foremost remedy to repair the cracked and dry cuticles is to use a lot of moisturizer. Cuticle moisturizer are readily available in the market, ensure to use them twice daily.

· You can also massage once a week with Vitamin E oil, this will smoothen up the dry skin and fill in the cracks.

·  Another thing is to observe what you are eating. Your body is all about what you eat and this goes with the nails as well. Add nutritional meals that are enriched with Vitamin C, A, D, and E. Try to lessen saturated, and sugary food items.

·  Try wearing hands gloves and socks all the time, there are different types of gloves and socks available suiting as per the climatic condition. This will help prevent from roughening the cuticle skin.

·  Lastly, stop picking them. Many of us have this bad habit about picking the nails. It is so hard to ignore the chapped skin hanging there to immediately remove, but have you ever given a thought that how bad it would look after that?

It will take a while to overcome this problem completely. Practicing with cuticle removal procedure on routine basis you will be happy to see that how well and attractive your hand and feet nails will be looking.

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