How to Select The Right Cat Bed for your Feline

Cats love luxury and comfort. What do you want for your comfort when it’s time to sleep? Well, just a cozy bed! So, why shouldn’t your feline friend have a bed of its own! Cats love to sleep and thus they require a comfy place to rest their body. The other advantage of cat beds is that that it renders security to them. They find their own little space less disturbing and secure.

Before you just choose any bed for your cat, you need to observe your little pet first. Not all cats prefer similar bed styles. Is your cat a climber or ground cat? Some cats find ground more comfortable, while others prefer a little height for their beds.

Another thing to ensure is that the bed fits the cat well. Cats are of different sizes and so are cat beds. For those who own big tabby, make sure you go for larger beds. And on the other hand, cats love to feel like they have a hiding sport, so you need not give them a bed so large that they just get lost inside it.

Go for washable cat beds. Cats undergo shedding season. They often get ill and you surely don’t want your cat to sleep in bet with germs and grime. If your cat isn’t sleeping in its bed any longer, then it means it requires cleaning.

An important note- if you have more than cat, do not try to make share one cat one, even if you have a large one. Cats prefer their own territory.

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