How to Smoke Hooka Shisha

Have you ever tried smoking shisha hooka or wondered what it is like? Well, if not then there are several shisha bars that are ready to give you a good experience.



  1. To start with, you should know what shisha is and its use. Shisha is a washed, flavoured tobacco loved by Asians. It is different from charcoal as it not wet and is heated by coal.
  2. One requires three things for smoking shisha hooka- coal, flavoured shisha and a pipe.
  3. Set the pipe. One should begin with the setup process first. Take the pipe first as it is available in separate pieces- ceramic bowl, hose, shaft, base and ashtray.
  4. Add water to the base or some liquid such as juice mixed with alcohol. Few people prefer adding ice, but it is not advisable as it may cool down the smoke fast making it harsh.
  5. Insert the pipe’s neck in the base with semi-filled water. Get a good seal for a snug fit as the better the seal is, the thicker the smoke gets
  6. Slot in the hose to neck’s side and connect it.
  7. Lastly add the ceramic bowl to the pipe’s top, unless you get a big pipe to sit and easily reach
  8. Now bring the actual flavoured tobacco and put it in ceramic bowl. Unwrap the shisha and fill the bowl as per the duration you want to smoke for.
  9. Now you require a tin foil to cover the ceramic foil.
  10. Now get a needle or a pin and make as many holes as you want.
  11. Now pick the coal and just light it with a lighter and wait till it stops fizzing and place it carefully on the top of the foil
  12. Now you can inhale via the hose till smoke bubbles down through the water from the pipe.

Hookah shisha has been in trend since traditional times and hasn’t posed much of problem to people. There are several hookah bars that provide you an easy access to them and one can enjoy hookah. So, if you are looking out for shisha hookah, then either purchase shisha and enjoy hookah at home or go at your nearest hookah bar for the same. This form of hookah is not injurious to health like cigarette. It lightens your stress, while for novices they should go for small volumes.

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