How to use an Information Kiosk for advertising?

If you think an information kiosk is just about the dissemination of information, think again. Nowadays, information kiosks have a lot of options to showcase advertisements on LED screens. On the other hand, the kiosk hardware itself can be used as an advertising banner if need be. Further, the software of the kiosk can display information regarding a particular product or a company. The truth is, information kiosks can double up as an advertisement portal and can be rented out for displaying ads. Renting out information kiosks can help you earn money. Innovative ways can be used to display ads and use kiosks as advertisement banners.

How to earn from interactive information kiosks?

An interactive kiosk is an automated self-service portal that can give you information, directions and help you to resolve your queries. They are very popular in restaurants, food-service industry, malls, museums, bus stands and the railway stations.

These information kiosks usually come with a touch-screen. They are usually vertical and slim and can be quite attractive-looking. These kiosks are perfect for attracting crowds and therefore can double up as advertisement portals. But what are the various ways to advertise through an interactive kiosk? How do we turn it into a revenue stream? There are many ways to earn from a kiosk. Here are some of the most innovative ways to place ads on kiosks:

  1. Partnership: If you are a small business owner, you must be looking at increasing your sales and maximizing your revenue. But for that, you also need to expand your operations, which mean that you need to spend more money. One way to earn money without expanding your operations is by entering into a partnership with another brand. A kiosk is a perfect way to enter into a partnership with another company or a brand by expanding the services, the functionality and options available on a kiosk. Your partner brand can help you to split up the cost by sharing the maintenance charges.
  2. Digital Billboard: Use the free time slots on your kiosk by using it as a digital billboard. Depending on its size and location, the kiosk can be used to cater to consumers of both national brands and smaller regional brands. In both cases, kiosks can earn you solid revenue.
  3. Digital signage: The hardware or the body of the kiosk can be used to display advertisements. The body can be used as a sort of digital signage that can attract a lot of consumers. Such kiosks can be placed in high traffic zones for greater customer outreach. Such kiosks can also use multiple screens for a greater impact.
  4. Big Ticket items: Ads on kiosks especially for big-ticket items work well. Products like a car launch or the launch of a new video game or even that of a new mobile can be promoted through a kiosk in a mall or a public space. This turns the mall visitors into captive consumers, who will take out some time to review the new product. In order words, kiosks can help you turn leads into customers. Big companies are willing to spend a lot of money on advertisements for big-ticket products. Promotion through kiosks is definitely one of the ways one can earn money.
  5. Credit card kiosk: Certain banking functions may be performed at kiosks. For example, the application of a credit card can be done at kiosks. Similarly, kiosks can also have ATMs attached to them, from where a customer may withdraw money. By partnering up with a bank, you can earn a lot of money through your kiosk.
  6. Customer care kiosk: Post-marketing operations require the opening up of a customer care portal, where customers can give their honest feedback about the product. Further, their complaints and views may be collected so that companies may perform better. Such customer helpdesk kiosks can be hard to find. By renting out your kiosk as a customer care center, you can add to your income sources.
  7. Premium advertising location: There is a difference between a value and the cost of a product. From the point of view of commercial real estate, your kiosk may not be worth too much. However, by virtue of its location (maybe it is located right at the atrium of the mall), it’s value increases a lot more. Therefore you may want to charge extra for the advertisement display on these kiosks. An advertiser will be willing to pay extra because of the kiosk’s ability to attract more eyeballs due to its location.

Ads management on kiosks

There are chances that your kiosk might feature advertisements of various companies. Different companies will buy different time slots of your kiosks and try to advertise their products according to the available time slots. You must manage your advertisements carefully. Slots can be sold on an hourly or half-hourly basis. Companies may buy specific slots depending on the nature of the target consumer. So for instance, a mobile company may want to showcase its ad during evening hours, when the mall is visited by office goers after work. Similarly, a home product, which is primarily targeted towards housewives, may be advertised in the afternoon, since most housewives usually visit malls during that time. Managing and scheduling ads is a key factor in the effective use of kiosks.


Kiosks offer a great advertising platform to reach target consumers in places like airports, cafes, shopping malls, colleges, office buildings and exhibitions. When placed at strategic locations like malls, display kiosks provide you the opportunity to reach the customer who is already in a spending mood. Kiosks can provide small and medium business owners with a new revenue stream through advertising revenue. Kiosks can themselves be wrapped in branding and offer a creative way to increase earnings.

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