How Women Could Avoid Residual Income Nightmares

Finding legitimate guaranteed income from sales can be a treacherous onslaught filled with scams and empty promises. While there are many ways discussed online to make a decent, sustainable living, even more ways exist to take away what little you may have saved up in your life. Here we dissect the term ‘guaranteed income from sales’ and actually see if the possibilities are really endless, or if you are actually just filling up someone else’s pocket.

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Most of the time you will find the term ‘guaranteed income from sales’ filed under multilevel marketing (MLM), or pyramid schemes. Usually, you will sign up or become an affiliate under someone else, and be at a certain membership level. In order for you to get to the next level of the ladder, you must sign up ‘x’ number of members, which is actually building the down line of someone else’s membership. And it goes on and on until finally, IF you can reach the top, you will be earning this substantial and somewhat guaranteed income from sales to treat your family with.

Women often find themselves sucked into these vortexes, mainly to keep their loved ones happy. The reality of it tells you that phrases such as ‘no risk to you’ or ‘money back guarantee’ lead you to believe that you are about to lose money for something that probably costs nothing in the first place. Even more, the most infamous line used in guaranteed income from sales schemes is ‘take control of your financial future’. The only way that you will do that is if you can avoid these type of websites and look past that.

Learning The Truth

Guaranteed income from sales is almost an arbitrary statement, even close to a lie. Can you really go to work one week and be promised a paycheck two months from now based on that week? Personally, it is more of an accomplishment taking your own seed of work, planting it firmly on knowledge, and running with the current trend online as today’s information is already outdated tomorrow. If, however, you are really adamant in finding an guaranteed income from sales, simply research that very term online and see all of the bogus and shady individuals that exist today that are out to get your money.

Get Your Facts Straight

There is no such thing as waking up in the morning and a genie depositing money into your dry bank account. And there is definitely no shortage of dreams out there. Getting guaranteed income from sales is more of a work in progress, only promising what you can sow. If after reading this article you still feel compelled to seek the money machine, go outside, run down to the bank machine and take it. Bring it home with you. Because, in all reality, that is as close as you are going to get to receiving guaranteed income from sales in this lifetime.

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