Hyundai Coupes – Fourth Generation

Owning a four wheeler is a dream for many people. But once you get one then after some years you see new models arriving and you wish to buy that. This always happens with everyone. Now the same way there is a new series of cars from Hyundai Company, the Hyundai coupes. Perfect stylish, new and fantastic car for the century would be the Hyundai coupe series. The Hyundai coupe model is also called as Tiburon in Korean.

2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe photographed in Mar...

2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe photographed in Marshall, Virginia, USA. Category:Hyundai Genesis Coupe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now there are a plenty of showrooms that are exhibiting Hyundai coupe for sale. These would be perfect for everyone from a normal person to a sports person. The car is designed with a sport styling look. There are plenty of Hyundai coupes genesis series in 2012. This was declared the best in the year 2012.

The vehicle is designed in such a way that the transmission power is great. The company claims that by using this car one con save 7% of their annual income which would help to raise their economic condition effectively. The first generation of this series was launched in the year 1997 which was available only in foreign markets. This was completely compact for a sport purpose. After this there were various changes and improvements were made in this series such that it would suit for a business person also.

These models were said to be the evolution of the F2 series which are known for its speed and power. Most of these versions have a 4 cylinder beta version. They have a 16-17inch tire and four wheel standard disc brakes. As the resonator box is fixed in the front of the left hand side wheel which allows greater airflow to the filter. This allows greater horse power technology. The recent one is the fourth generation of this series. The perfect engineering of the car gives a fantastic performance output.

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