If you’re in a 4G area, it’s time to get connected

Just in case you hadn’t heard the news already – 4G has officially landed in the UK. Other countries such as Australia and the U.S. may have been enjoying the superfast speeds of 4G networks for years now, but the UK has finally caught up.

  4G Thanks to the hard work of the mobile network operator Everything Everywhere (EE), 4G services have gradually been spreading out to all parts of the country. The EE 4G mobile broadband roll-out, first launched back in October 2012, began with just a handful of big cities, but it has now been extended to more than 115 towns and cities. Even rural and remote areas can get 4G, so nobody has to miss out.

Simply by using the coverage checker on EE’s website or on the website of another network, you can find out if 4G has reached your town, village or city yet. If it hasn’t, you may have to be patient and wait for it to arrive. You shouldn’t have to wait long though, particularly as EE has promised to connect 98 per cent of the UK to 4G before the end of next year. If 4G has reached you, what are you waiting for? It’s time to upgrade!

Whilst EE contracts aren’t the only option, as other networks are gradually starting to roll out their own 4G services, the operator is very popular amongst those wanting high-end handsets and inclusive packages for affordable rates. EE has some of the best iPhone 5s deals UK can find anywhere else, for example, as well as good offers on other models. However, which network you choose will ultimately depend on where you live and which operators offer 4G in your area.

Having a glance of coverage though 4G connection may be available in the area, there’s really no way to determine whether it’s right for you unless you have a look at a coverage map online. A coverage map helps one to enhance the usability of the network connection and its offers.

4G connections are yet expanding across the globe. Thus it is pretty possible that it may be unavailable in a particular area. Though maximum of the metropolitan cities are covered with 4G connections but there are several other areas which are required to wait for a longer period of time. The 4G service is expanding at a faster pace thus there is a sheer possibility that one will not be required to wait for too long.

If a city is in the midst of development then there is a greater possibility that 4G connection is not available in that particular city. Sometimes it tends to happen that the services are required to be signed up for hybrid plans. Since 3G services are somewhat similar to 4G ones thus there is greater possibility that the modem which will be provided shall be supporting both the network connections. Though 3G network connections are bit slower, but when they are coupled up with 4G connections then they provide a wider network coverage area.


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