Initial phase of Marriage

Many share that the initial few months of marriage is the best phase of married life. The initial phase is full of excitement and charm. But things are not very charming as it seems.  At times it is more of an eye-opener for many. The initial phase is more of an opportunity to understand each other better. From different habits, thoughts, ideas, and other things are known to each other within the first few months. Though most moments are full of love, but certain habits can be a little disturbing at times. Post marriage, we get to know each other for real, and all those expectations we build before marriage are not met with quite an extend. Marriage is the reality which can be little difficult to live with or accept it. The initial phase is a mixture of both excitement and challenge both. To many it might seem a testing phase of marriage.

marriage stage How to walk through the challenging phase

After first two, three months, things start getting a little complicated. You get to realize that how different your spouse can be for you, in regards to certain habits, tastes, preferences and expressing. This is the testing time for the relationships. Even though many people are aware of the fact that they would have to accept a few things and adjust accordingly, but it is not easy when it comes to adjusting for real. At times things are more challenging than expected. By understanding and accepting the fact that all things can be sorted or resolved at once can make it easier to digest and accept the differences in each other. Most challenging part is to have to adjust to things that are beyond your tolerance level. From small things like hygiene, or sleeping habits or change in the interior one cannot like to make any changes, but understanding that without adjustments things cannot go smoothly, especially when adjusting is a far better option than having to live with stress everyday. The first mantra is to understand that the first few years is the time when you get to understand each other’s, so make the most of this time to understand each other better, by understanding each other’s habits, preferences, perspective and other factors that are different from each other. Not expecting anything can save you from getting hurt so try not keep any expectations of your spouse, instead live with the fact that you both and different individuals so there are bound to be differences in both. Trying to keep yourself under control in terms of quickly reacting can be very helpful, as being avoiding to react immediately can avoid any arguments or avoid hurting your spouse, so stay try keeping calm. Its human tendency to be alert on anything new he starts be it related or even a job, so it won’t be a real challenge during the first few years. If you give each other the time and ready to understand each other better the first few years of marriage, then things would be way easier in later years of marriage to come. Time would not decrease your love for each other, but with time your bond would grow stronger. If the first two years of adjustments can make your bond become stronger with passing time, then the adjustment is worth it. After the first two testing years of marriage, the third year becomes the start of the year where the bond starts to become stronger and better. So you ought to celebrate it the big way by taking a day off and going out for a dinner or lunch and gift each other. Third Anniversary Gifts traditionally are supposed to be leather gifts, so you can try gifting a leather purse for her and a leather wallet, belt for him.

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