Inspiring Meir Ezra

Septuagenarian Meir Ezra is a telecommunication engineer. He is an entrepreneur exposed to more than decades of experience in a wide range of areas and inventor of many items with patents registered in his name.

meir ezra He has established the FuelSafe, the gasoline management systems and has been the successful distributor, making it touch a turnover of $35,000,000 and a valuation at US $100,000,000, within a short period of three years.

He has been the owner of many businesses in multiple areas, having established 24 multimillion dollar companies, across the world, in 26 countries. He exited from many of them like Securant, Inc., TimeMaker LLC, etc., by selling them profitably to others.

Meir Ezra is the consultant for many of his clients distributed over different countries like US, South Africa, China, Canada, Colombia, Israel, Italy, India, Romania, Russia, Dominican Republic, Czech Republic, Turkey and others. He has been a coach for many institutions, assuring a committed success of the clients or money back, in case of failure. This shows his confidence level.

He has settled well in his personal life with the married life of 28 years his wife and three wonderful loving children.

His achievement of success made him to have his motto/ vision as “Help Others”. He is also famous for his philanthropy. He is fully involved in the community by contributing his time, personal efforts and amounts. He has donated to millions of dollars to many charitable organizations.

He is accustomed to dream of absolutely new things (which have never been tried before) and to induce himself as to why they were not earlier realised. This characteristic of him is the basic thing that made him achieve and stand in the position he is now today.

Meir Ezra has been a recognized public speaker on many subjects like management technology, leadership, better parenting, etc.

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