How to Instil The Love and Art Of Reading In Your Young Ones?

First of all, let me introduce you to the literary meaning of reading which is a cognitive process of understanding a written text in any language. Reading is an important part during your child’s developmental years, especially for enhancing their speech and language skills.

As it is said, children learn the language from the people around them by observing and listening to them continuously, so when you are constantly reading to your kid and showing him the pictures then he can easily and very clearly start associating the words with the speech.

In fact it’s never too early to introduce the habit of reading in your tots. Even if they don’t understand the written text, you just guide them with single alphabet and read loudly to them, so that they are able to connect the words with your speech. Books with pictures alongside the pages also grasp the attention of these little explorers.

As the young minds are always up to something adventurous and curious, hence reading to them is the solution for satisfying their eagerness.

Always surround them with number of good story books, make them play with books, read them stories at night, let them ask you every possible question from the story and the most importantly never stop your kid from reading anything.

Whether it’s a magazine, a comic, or novel or either a manual guide of recipes, just never say no to read anything. Reading books written by renowned author like Ronald Destra is also a great way to make your kids get in love with books.

Once your little genius has instil a love of reading in them, then no one can ever stop him from becoming an avid reader. Passionate readers develop a zeal for reading and this willingness leads them to adapt the role of author, poet or novelist.

Conclusively, the love of reading can only be developed when you promote this habit from early childhood days in your toddler.

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