Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) – Overview

The Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) or alternatively, Internet Overuse, Problematic computer use, refers to excessive computer use that affects daily life.

Internet Addiction

The Ugly side: Symptoms of IAD include prolonged use of internet, usually with a loss of sense of time or being ignorant of basic drives, Symptoms of withdrawal, like anger, anxiety, or tension when internet is inaccessible, social isolation, fatigue, lying and arguments.

Patients may also suffer from psychiatric conditions like feeling of attention deprivation, shyness, low self-esteem and suicidal tendencies.

Causes for addiction can be many including:

– A dependency perceived to bring happiness (like browsing sites, looking for information and so on)

– Escapism – people who don’t want to face other problems use the internet as an alibi

– For socializing – Individuals who are shy to socialize take help of the internet to mingle with people

The Other side of the Coin

There is also the other perspective on Internet Addiction Disorder. Some of the surveys conducted on IAD, could describe the behavior of people, but could not conclude about a specific source such as Internet that could be responsible for those behaviors. The conclusions drawn so far could be based on speculation.

It is agreed, that some people have problems, spending excess time online. But, there are people who spend excess time reading books, watching TV, overworking, ignoring family, and relationships. Does that mean those individuals have a Television addiction disorder or a book addiction?

There are cases, where people who spend excess time online, without good cause. But this can be a case of over-use of an occupancy mode out of compulsion. It need not be the technology, but only the behavior that requires treatment.

After seeing briefly, both sides of the story, it still remains to be determined, whether IAD requires treatment or if it is a ‘disorder’ at all.

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