Kickstarter For A Talented Girl Hoping For A Music Video

This Kickstarter project is for a girl with big dreams. She is an artist already, and she has made some connections with big names. She has the promise of being able to produce a music video for her new single, but she just needs a bit of support to make that happen. Since music videos are so expensive to produce, she can’t do this on her own. She works full time, has some side jobs, and is a student.


She is doing all that she can to support herself in this, but that is not enough at the moment. And that is why she has gone on Kickstarter. She wants support from everyone who loves pop music and who believes in the dreams that she has for her career.

This young girl is so good at what she does, and she has done a lot in her career already. She has the single on the radio, and she has been able to work with Grammy award winners. She feels blessed to have been able to do so much with her career already, but she wants to keep growing and moving forward. And she feels that making a music video for her single is the next step for her to take in doing that.

When someone supports this girl and the dreams that she has for herself they can feel great about what they are doing. They can feel great not only because she is an amazing artist and is sure to make it far with all that she does, but they can also feel good because she is a good person and is so deserving of this. She is an honor student, and she is doing all that she can to work toward her goals of having a career in music.

You can support this project and join them at:

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