Know About Moisture and Protein Balance for Your Hair

Most of the males and females main health concern at the present situation is the hair fall. The hair fall mainly happens because of the following reasons:

Hair care

Hair care

  • Stress
  • Less dietary minerals and vitamins
  • Increased body heat because of any reasons
  • Lack of water intake
  • Less physical activity
  • Improper care
  • Less hygiene, etc


Even after clearing all the above reasons of hair fall, certain people are continue with hair loss only. The main reason for hair fall in such people is the moisture and protein imbalance.

If the moisture and the protein balance in the body mainly in the scalp area are not maintained properly, then automatically the hair fall will start drastically which in turn results in baldness at the end.

The protein is the main nutrient which gives the complete strength to the hair and the moisture helps to maintain the elasticity of the hair. In case if any of these got disturbed in the body then it will cause hair fall readily.

Try to do the following methods by yourself and check the moisture and protein balance of your hair:

  • Take the end of a wet hair which is attached in your scalp and put it gently. If the hair stretches and returns back to its position, then the moisture and protein balance is good enough. If the hair got break or came out of the follicle then there is some imbalance present in the scalp.
  • Take a fallen hair of your and pull it from both ends. If the hair breaks immediately then the imbalance if of sure.

If you came to know that there is some moisture and protein imbalance, then to rectify that start taking actions immediately. It is important for getting the best hair loss treatment and is very simple to follow if you are dedicated.

Yes! For correcting the protein add more natural vegetable protein in your diet and apply protein rich oil to the scalp. And for balancing the moisture apply coconut milk to the scalp or just drink lot of water containing fruits and vegetables or atleast drink plenty of water.

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