Laser Acupuncture for Reducing the Body Weight

The abbreviation for the word LASER is Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Rays or radiation. The laser is a device which emits the light waves through an optical amplification process which is mainly based on the stimulated amplification of rays. The ray used in laser procedure is electromagnetic radiation. The light obtained in laser procedure is totally different from other sources of light because in case of laser the emission of light will be coherently.

Laser Acupuncture Thus the light rays pass in a cohesive manner and targets as a tight spot which helps in stimulating a particular region, for cutting a particular tissue, etc. Nowadays with the help of laser various minor and even sometimes major surgeries are happening. Some of the major areas in the body which deal with laser treatment in the modern era are eye surgery, appendicectomy hemorrhoids, benign cancer removal mainly from the skin area, etc. Even for removing the fat from unwanted areas in the body like tummy, hips, etc. the laser beams are used and the procedure is called as lipotomy.

In the same way the laser beams are used to stimulate the specific acupuncture points which are mentioned in the ancient acupuncture texts for reducing the body weight. This laser acupuncture treatment procedure for reducing the body weight was conducted initially by a team of researchers from the Chinese medicine department in Taiwan on the overweight and obese individuals who has no other physical problems like diabetes, thyroid imbalances, etc.

In the conclusion of the study the researchers mentioned that the laser acupuncture treatment protocol is highly helpful in reducing the body weight in duration of 5 weeks. They implemented 25 joules of laser energy on the various acupuncture points like Stomach 25, Stomach 28, Stomach 40, Spleen 14, CV 9 plus stomach and hunger points on the auricular surface, etc. The average weight loss observed with the individuals in this study was 3.17 kg. A strict calorie restrictive diet protocol also implemented and followed by the individuals along with the laser acupuncture.

Thus the laser acupuncture is a highly welcoming procedure which shows an effective and side effect free results. One more plus point of laser acupuncture is that it is a totally painless procedure.

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