Lingerie That Will Get His Attention

Lingerie is a very essential piece in a woman’s wardrobe, now evolving into a more sensual form. Made to entice and make men pant with heated desire, it has now become a bedroom staple. Looking for the best lingerie is not a simple feat, so here’s a how-to guide in picking out the perfect nightwear for your special night.

  • The cover-up

It doesn’t have to be laying it out in the open all at once if you want to tempt him. Try to appear a little mysterious by covering up a bit. There is a wide collection of different cover ups you can choose from that would make you look enticing rather than boring.

  • Go for opaque material

Go all out for the virginal look. Go after solid non-flimsy cloth like silk that he would love to caress. It will bring back memories of your first night together when you looked so fragile and innocent. It would excite him to learn that there’s more to find underneath.

  • All tied up

Laces, ribbons and strings will give him a hard time undressing you. It would build up the sexual tension between you two and would leave him anticipating for more. The longer he waits, the better.


  • More surprises

Surprise him by acting out a fantasy he’s been imagining all his life. Become his playboy bunny or be someone else that he would never ever expect. Be creative, there’s always someone you’re willing to play, I’m sure. Be his dream that finally came true.

  • Be comfortable

Everything you plan to wear for that special night has to be comfortable. Comfort makes you confident and confidence is sexy. A man wants a woman that is sure of herself and knows what she wants. So, make sure what you’re doing for that night exudes that kind of confidence. But don’t overdo things.

  • Know your body type

We all come in different shapes and sizes. So, know your body type for you to know which lingerie is the one for you. It does not matter whether your petite or tall, fat or slim. There is always something perfect for you at all lingerie stores. When you finally find the romantic lingerie to get his attention, it’s time, so grab it.

  • Choose the right color

You can explore different colors of lingerie that compliments you. Be adventurous, choose something that you would not normally wear, like red. We all know that red compliments all skin tones. Just choose the right shade and a style that is classic and not slutty. If you want to go virginal, go for white or powder blue and maybe pink.

The great thing about lingerie is that you can wear it everyday. A woman feels sexy and feminine if she knows she’s wearing something special nobody knows about. They also flatter a woman’s curves effectively. So, splurge on some really nice ones for you and your man to enjoy.

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