5 Premium Tips For Using Magnetic Child Locks Wisely

In this article, you will find all you need to know about magnetic child locks and premium tips on how to use them wisely.

Studies have shown that many hazards around the home involving young children could be avoided if parents were more vigilant about baby-proofing their homes. A simple decision to leave certain items lying around the house or in a cupboard or drawer in reach of a child can cause much harm to your child and much expense for you as a parent.

Experts encourage parents to do their best in securing all potentially harmful items away from a child. Any item that can choke, suffocate, cut, scratch, or damage a child in any way is a potential danger. Therefore, parents and guardians with young children should seek the best there is to ensure this security and safety of their little ones such as using new generation magnetic child locks.

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All You Need To Know About Magnetic Child Locks

Magnetic child locks are recently invented child-proofing devices that parents have found to be the solution to this scary problem. These are locks that are used to secure doors and handles of drawers all around the house. Many have found that these give them a sense of comfort and relief knowing that their child is not exposed to potentially harmful household items and products that they know they can’t do without.

Of course, child locks existed a long time ago but these were made of low-grade quality that usually include small detachable parts that can end up in your child’s mouth. The great difference between these older types of child locks and these improved locks is that they are completely safe.

These types of locks utilize magnetic force to provide a snug and tight shut on doors and drawers that a baby can in no way manage to open.

Here, we’ll provide you with some premium tips for making the best of these child-proofing locks.

  1. Use the locks on every cabinet or drawer that contain potentially harmful items.

Identify all drawers, cabinets and cupboards that contain items that you cannot afford to have your baby exposed to. Think all over, especially because they might wander off in no time without you seeing and end up endangering themselves. So, think bedrooms, play rooms, kitchen, dining area, just about everywhere. Do not leave any cabinet undone!

  1. Do not lose your keys.

Child locks usually come with their own keys. These keys allow you to carefully secure all the fixtures around your house as the locks can only be opened with these keys. You should therefore not lose these keys, if you want to be able to access these cabinets again without destroying your locks or fixture.

  1. Do not use keys in child’s presence.

Do not let your child see how you open these locks as they are smart enough to mimic what they see and gain access to your cupboards, drawers and cabinets. Be very careful about this.

  1. Always secure keys from child’s reach.

Do not leave the keys for your child locks in reach of a child. They are usually small enough to be a choking hazard. These locks are for you to control, not your child.

  1. Don’t substitute child locks for supervision.

Magnetic child locks are designed to completely secure your cabinets, but they do not guarantee complete safety your child at home. This means that you still need to monitor your child from other potential harm around the house such as sharp furniture edges, stairways, pets and so on. Never think of child magnetic locks as an absolute substitute for supervising your child.

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