Michael Fiores’ Text The Romance Back Review

Michael Fiore’s Text the Romance Back program teaches you how to create deep intimacy with your man simply through text messaging. Michael claims that it does not matter how emotionally constipated your partner is – the techniques revealed in the program can turn even the most unromantic, insipid guy into your prince charming! The program uncovers powerful secrets about unleashing your man’s romantic identity. When Michael demonstrated some of these techniques on the Rachel Ray show, he received a tremendous applause from the audience. What the heck, he almost had Rachel Ray swooning over him!


If you don’t know who Michael Fiore is, here is a brief introduction – Fiore is an internationally known relationship expert and his products have helped thousands of people to be in the relationship of their dreams. He has been featured on TV and radio multiple times and has even been interviewed by the iconic Time magazine. He claims that his Text the Romance Back program can be used to rekindle the fire of love irrespective of how sour things are between you and your partner. You can also use the program to take an already blooming relationship to the ultimate level of romanticism! In short, Michael’s program holds the secret code that can unlock even the most hermetically closed heart!

Men and women have very different definitions of romance. For women, romance essentially means sharing passionate moments but for men, romance is a game. Michael says that on a primal level, every man has an instinctive need to ‘chase’ a woman and to ‘win’ her heart. This is exactly what happens during the initial stages of a relationship. The man ‘courts’ the woman, takes her on romantic dates, buys her flowers, gifts etc. He does all this in a bid to impress her. However, once she becomes his girlfriend or wife, he feels that he has already won the game and subsequently loses interest in playing it again. Eventually, he stops trying to please his woman and the relationship becomes mundane, boring and ‘loses its spark’. However, this spark can be revived if the woman reminds the man that she is indeed a phenomenal prize and needs constant loving, care and attention. In short, a woman just has to make the man want to play the ‘game’ again. This is extremely easy once you know how to do it – as easy as using a piece of string to keep a kitten entertained! Just as a kitten cannot resist a moving piece of string, similarly men too cannot prevent themselves from being romantic once you flip a switch inside their brain. They simply have no control over it!

It can be hard to digest the notion that you can literally text your way into an incredibly fulfilling and affectionate relationship! However, know that Michael’s methods are amazingly effective – the program has already saved thousands of relationships and in fact, even other dating coaches have given it rave reviews. Once such coach is Deborah Reynolds, the creator and owner of the website, www.relationship-builder.net. Deborah is not an easy woman to impress and does not recommend anything unless it is nothing short of phenomenal! She has personally tested the program and has given it the green signal only after dissecting and analyzing each aspect as thoroughly as a forensic investigator! Click here to read what Deborah has to say about the Text the Romance Back program.

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