Modern Womans Guide to Dating

Traditionally women played a passive role in the big love dating game. They waited for a man to ask them on a dating game series, let him decide the place and pay for the meal and chastely waited for a marriage proposal to be made to their parents. Older generations pass on ideas of feminine mannerisms and demureness to the younger generation.  These are the ways by which they teach young women the rules of attraction and playing the dating game.

Dating women

Many young girls lie about being busy to go for an outing just to appear secretive and hard to get. But in today’s world this behavior is outdated. Women are more independent and forth right and men like and expect women to be honest. The above behavior might be looked down upon as snobbishness or being coy.

If you hide your true feelings to please a man, it is not the right choice to dating game series. As this behavior undermines the trust and frankness on which relationships are based. In the older times women were home makers and looked to their men for advice and resources. Now women have become more confident and capable of making their own decisions. So need to act naturally and be yourself, without fear of offending the man you are playing the dating game with. This will make him respect and love you as an equal.

The old rules said women must remain silent, and appear cute. This no longer works today. Men expect women to be mature, sensual and intelligent partners who can speak their own minds. Especially if its the case of mature women dating or over 50 dating women should be matured enough to deal the man they are dating with.

The old rules seem convenient and might give you confidence as they are familiar. However you need new rules to attract men in the new world we live in. Be it tricky issues like love or commitment, moving from one phase of dating to other or establishing rules, you have taken an active and bold part in all of it.

Playing the dating game online is today’s trend of modern women and men. They seem to be freer when they are online and talking to their friend date. This is a big love dating game which most of the young man and woman are trying out to achieve love. So let go of the old tricks, and change tactics to dazzle and enamor the man you love.

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