My Exciting Honeymoon to London With My Lovely Spouse

Well, wedding is the most important occasion of a person’s life and if you know your partner, then nothing is better than marrying someone you know. It was the same case with me. My marriage was no less than a dream wedding. And I always knew that my spouse loved London. So, to surprise her I planned our honeymoon in London. Well, it was a splendid surprise for her when I showed her the tickets. London is one of the most astonishing locations that one can dream of going to. I planned everything in style.


The moment we reached the Heathrow airport, I had already booked the cab and the Heathrow airport taxi was standing there from beforehand. The chauffeur welcomed us with a bouquet and a welcoming complimentary mineral water. He helped us with our luggage and was quite friendly, explaining us about the city, routes and exciting places of interest. Well, after a long flight we reached our hotel and unpacked our stuff. We had planned a trip of three days. Thus, we got moving and checked out the best of the known locations of the city.

As we weren’t familiar with the routes and streets, I chose to book car rental only for our complete tour. It was the best decision that I took. I was tension free of being lost on any street or route for the whole journey. Right from Kensington Road, to Oxford Street, we enjoyed every corner of the city. The restaurants shared delicious British cuisine and the food tasted splendid. The cafes and night life of London is surely one of the best of the world. What I really loved was the view Madame Tussauds, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Hyde Park, Kensington Garden, Oxford Street, and amazing museums and theatres. The place surely took our heart out and we loved just everything about it. The mesmerizing and welcoming nature of London is the most appealing factor. The archaeologically renovated building still cast an impression of British rich cultural heritage.

Our trip was short but very impressive and mesmerizing. I have fallen in love with the beauty of London. For our departure, I chose the same Heathrow airport taxi to reach the airport as they possibly guarantee on time reach. We reached our destination on time. I was happy to see London in the best way I could. After thanking the chauffeur for his on time delivery, we paved our way to the Heathrow airport to board our flight

I am just sharing this experience with you all to give you an idea that nothing is more beautiful in the world than getting new experience. And if that experience is with someone whom you love, then you are the luckiest person on this planet. These small things count a lot in life, so it is my piece of advice to make the most out of it. So, enjoy your life and live in the best possible manner. Experience new corners of the world and don’t forget to write London in your list. You will surely love it the most.

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