Newest Loop Pack Called Exotic Guitar from Marty Friedman

Marty Friedman has been an award winning guitarist and known for his electrifying guitar performances that have excelled in bringing an exciting new genre of guitar instrumentals to the audiences everywhere he plays. Marty Friedman with its interactive music makes it official launch of “Exotic Guitar” at the grand opening.

Marty Friedman is proud to announce the exclusive launch of “Exotic Guitar” at the grand opening of the website. Marty is multi award winner who is proud to showcase an array of newest guitar instrumentals for the year 2013. Each of the chords has been designed with enticing acoustic bass and is mesmerizing to listen.

Marty Friedman, Gods of Metal 2009

Marty Friedman, Gods of Metal 2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Loop artists is all set to welcome the newest loop pack “Exotic Guitar” which will be releasing the pack at the grand opening of the website. The loop pack contains wide range of different guitar instruments as well as has plethora of colorful effects loops and drum loops and much more. The sounds certainly feel fresh and innovative in present date. It also comes featuring with Clavinet loops, analog pads, drum and cymbal hits and synthesizer string. In addition to this, there is a huge variety of Rhodes chords and Wurlitzer that makes it easier to get that jazz sound effects.

The loop pack “Exotic Guitar” is the great source for anybody who is looking to add an authentic electro or retro jazz flavor reminiscent. The sounds once downloaded can be accessed by any software that supports an import from an audio CD.

Loop artists is thrilled with the launch as Marty Friedman is best known for his albums and has spent extensive time playing various chords at his different performances. The loop pack will help any guitarist to add up the speed and spice in their playing. As usual, Freidman covers rare scales such as half step bend scales, Japanese sounding scales and many more. There is so much to learn from this exceptional guitarist from this loop pack.

The guitar inclines to keep you open minded since it is an everyday thing and you listen at so many places all around the world. You hear it in country music, pop, rock, classical, funky and jazz. You can immediately identify the chords of the guitar playing in the music. Guitar is an instrument that is going to stay in the music industry and this loop pack will be much helpful to the aspiring guitarist. Marty Friedman music is known for its originality, passion and his abilities as a virtuoso artist. With his tremendous talent and musicianship, he has become an authentic and fresh new voice on the guitar.

Loop artists brings together with an established artists who have exhibited internationally. The website is known for offering professional quality of loops for producers, DJs and media. It specializes in providing free premium professional quality loops for aspiring musicians. The library consists of high quality loops from all over the world raging from electro to dubstep to hip hop.

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