Nissan Primaster Gearbox Makes The Car Driving Pleasurable

Nissan has teamed up with Renault while getting this new Nissan Primaster model designed. Not just the designed but the entire makeover was done including Nissan Primaster gearbox.  The model was face lifted with the fresher look and improvements in the engines were witnessed.

  Nissan Primaster Renualt with its association with Nissan has developed Nissan Primaster gearbox which has 6 speed automatic efficient dual clutch that delivers amazing fuel consumption and CO2 emission performance that marks an essential step towards conventional automatic transmission.

The dual clutch technology will be available on the core range Dci 110 DPF versions. It is perhaps brand’s the first automatic model to qualify under the signature brand.

Nissan Primaster gearbox invites you to take you to the fantastic voyage into the universe of the automotive technology. Driving the car will lead you to uncover the secrets behind the gearbox, engines and all sorts of components of the vehicle. Put yourself behind the wheel and reveal the power packed performance of the car.

The gearbox is one of the most vital components of the car. Check out how levers, pinions and cogs works together and Nissan Primaster aims to show you how this complex system is organized and performs awesomely well when you shift gears with just a budge of your hand.

The engine and the gearbox are well-matched with the weight of the car, and the end results say that Nissan Primaster is adequately powerful. The design of the gearbox has been smartly done and offers distinctive drive as good as it looks.

The car is responsive on the streets; it handles like a sturdy machine as it is equipped with the high performance gearbox and engines. The car is known for providing vigorous acceleration, easy hauling and quiet cruising. The car is equipped with six speed gearbox it is indeed a pleasure to drive.

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