One Woman Is Trying To End Family Violence And She Needs Your Support On Indiegogo

This Indiegogo project is for a good cause. The woman who started the project wants to help spread the word about family violence and what can be done to stop it. She wants everyone to see that this needs to end, and she is willing to do her part to make that happen.

domestic violence

domestic violence

She needs some support from you in order to get things working, though, and she is hopeful that she will get the money that she needs to do a great performance for a large audience. She is doing a scene from a play that helps people to see just how important it is to end family violence.

The woman who started this campaign feels passionate about ending violence in families because of just how many deaths occur because of the violence. She believes that by doing the play, she will be able to raise awareness of this.

She wants to make a difference in the lives of many, and you can help her to do that. You can help her in her mission to help end violence in families in Australia. Give her a hand by donating to this Indiegogo project, and you will feel good about doing that.

It is a good thing to do your part when it comes to trying to rescue people from violent and harmful situations, and you will feel great when you get behind this woman and her plans for putting on a play. She has found a play that has a great message, and since she is an actress, she knows how to perform it well.

She is going to put her all into this, so that she can help to end all of the violence that is going on around her in Australia. Help her to do this, and you will feel good about what gets done.

You can support this project and join them at:

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