Paradigm Shirts: Its About Best Eco-friendly Clothing

T shirts have always been liked by men and women but today with the changing fashion it is losing its craze. Men and women have started giving importance towards their look, dressing style and appearance so as to look clever and different from others.

In addition to this, men and women are also getting nature friendly. They want something which does not harm the nature and is environment friendly.

According to a recent survey textile industry is the 2nd most polluting industry in the world. If not controlled, it can create a regular negative impact on the society which can be highly destructive for the planet.

Thanks to brands such as ParadigmShirt that are working hard for protecting and loving the environment and the animals around us. is a brand which was launched in January 2017.

They will be launching the brand officially on September 5th on Indiegogo with their international crowdfunding campaign. Here you can help them launch their brand and products better by funding them in a best possible way.

The funds raised will help them to launch the production of the t-shirts and grow the brand with new products. Also the 9 designs of the shirts will be available as rewards for lucky members.

Compassion and humanism, social justice and gender equality is their main aim. While money is never an end, it’s a helping hand for them to make the brand stronger around the globe. This will directly create a positive impact on the industry and can help in saving the environment greatly.

The shirts designed and manufactured by the company are not only eco-friendly but also comfortable. Additionally each of these shirts are designed uniquely to spread positive messages and values to the society.

With so great benefits to the nature and environment why not help spread the word about it and support the brand on Indiegogo. You will be actually saving the environment in long run.


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