5 Important Wedding Rules: People Are Avoiding These Days

Wedding is one of the most important occasions of one’s life and therefore many people often take the help of wedding planner to celebrate this occasion. There are plenty of traditional beliefs, which are associated with the wedding ceremony.

Many people follow these rules very religiously. However, with time and social changes, people are quite averse to break few of these rules. In this article, we will discuss about five wedding rules that can be easily avoided.

wedding Invite same number of guest from bride and grooms side

If you look at the old wedding photographs then you will find same numbers of guests were present from both brides as well as from groom’s side. However, keeping in view of today’s environment, you can easily avoid this rule. You may invite as many friends to join your wedding party according to your budget and convenience.

Before the wedding ceremony, couple should not see each other

Earlier, there were restrictions and the bride and groom were debarred to meet each other before the wedding. However, today this has changed and both bride and groom mingle with each other freely. Even the guests do not take any offence to this.

Keep the wedding cake’s top layer frozen for eating on the first anniversary

It is difficult to understand how this tradition of keeping the top layer of the cake frozen had started, however it is no doubt a very sweet idea. You can easily break this rule and instead of that, you can get a cake from the same bakery on your first anniversary.

You can also take a photograph of that important moment. Hiring the best wedding photographer Singapore can help you in this matter. They can help take the best pictures of every event and occasion throughout your wedding as per your requirement.

Marriage ceremony should be conducted by any religious or civil authority

Most of the marriages were solemnized with the help of either a priest or a person holding very high position in the society. However, these days’ people take the help of their friend or relative or any of their own family members to take up that important role. You can break this rule, if you fail to get any priest or an important authority on your wedding day. Your wedding ceremony can be more enjoyable, if your close friend performs the marriage ceremonial duties.

All the wedding expenses are born by bride’s family

Just a few years back, it was customary that all the expenses of a wedding ceremony were borne by the family of the bride. On some instances, the groom’s side bears very limited amount of expenses. However, these days both the sides contribute for the wedding expense according to the available budget, which is decided prior to the marriage ceremony. Expenses are made in such a way that all the guests can enjoy the occasion.

However, marriage is a very personal matter and you can follow all the old rules, if you are keen to follow the old tradition.

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