Pet Friendly Accommodation For Your Four Legged Friend

It has been found through research that almost 25 % of the tourists like to travel with their pets. For this reason, there has been an influx in the number of hotels, restaurants and parks that serve customers with their four legged friend.

Pet Friendly Accommodation

They have started to adopt a pet friendly policy only to substantiate the number and class of people travelling with their pets. To find a pet friendly accommodation is no more a difficult job as there are several options available on the internet. There are even internet based travel agencies that have a separate sector for pet travel.

What to look for in pet friendly accommodations

In the UK, you will find several hotels readily serve pets and their owners, but for an owner it is important to for certain qualities among a hotel, they should check whether they provide dog walking facilities, whether they can groom, treats provided, pet taxi facilities and dog training available.

Other additions may include doggie food menu in the restaurants some restaurants are even known keep pet bowls outside their entrance as a sign to show that pets are welcome. Some hotels provide pet walking facilities and have even parks adjacent to the hotels for you stroll with pets.

Best services for pets friends in UK

There are certain parks in UK that doesn’t allow pets to come along, so it advised that you do a proper research on the internet to find the parks that allow for a nice evening or morning stroll with your pet. You will find several hotels that offer great facilities for pets and also restaurants where they have customized pets menu and you can have dinner with them on the chair beside.

The dog friendly hotels, restaurants & parks in UK are several and proper knowledge will guide to the ones that welcome you and your four-legged friend open arms.


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