Playing Mischievous And Mean Prank

Pranks are not only meant for kids and teenagers. There are some pranks which can be played on adults as well. Some pranks are discussed in this article. If you are single and do not have sufficient amount of money to go for a date with an attractive girl then try out this formula. Fix up a date with the girl on whom the prank is meant to be played.

Take her to an expensive eating place, be it a five star hotel or a lavish restaurant. Order a cake to surprise her. You can arrange for some lovely and romantic music. After you have your food, then make an excuse of going to the washroom and run away from the place. The girl will have to pay the exorbitant bill.  This is one of the mischievous adult pranks.

You can also play a mischievous plan on your husband by making a birthday cake made of mud. Make the cake look attractive and luscious with shaving foam. Your husband will get attracted to it, thinking it to be chocolate liquor.

Birthday prank. Girl filling popcorn between a...

Birthday prank. Girl filling popcorn between a door and a sign so that it will fall out when the door is opened. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So, try out one of these adult pranks and derive ultimate pleasure out of it. You can also look for phone pranks service so as to get some good ideas and add to the excitement. These services are easily available today and can make your day.

Prank Videos – A Complete Entertainment Package

Are you at home alone? Are you thinking to make any naughty and witty fun? Do you want to get back to your childhood days? If these are the cases, then you need not worry as the solution is discussed over here. You can search Google and get some prank videos. These will show you how to play these pranks with great success.

One significant and mischievous prank can be played along with your friend. Both of you are sitting on opposite sides across the road, holding the ends of a rope. Make sure that the rope is invisible to the person on whom you are playing the prank. See how many stumble upon the rope and get hurt.

If your brother is fond of video games, you can do one thing. Add a scary picture with the video game. It will certainly make your brother panic-stricken and he will scream his lungs out. You can even look for free pranks online. This is one of the best ways to look for some entertaining and exciting pranks that you have never heard or played before.

Phone Pranks- Wicked Wind Ups

It’s time to have fun. These are some tricks which make you burst out of laughter if you are alone or with a group of friends. The only disadvantage is that when the huge telephone knocks at your door and might cause you a heart attack. Still the whole matter is worth paying as it will help you to have unlimited fun. If you want to have full entertainment, then play these phone pranks by dialing some local telephone local numbers which will cost you less.

You can call your friend and portray yourself as the HR of a company, asking her to come for an interview. What will be the purpose of the call? You can offer her a handsome package. You can call your enemy as well or you’re relative whom you dislike. Your friend will be delighted to know if she wins a jackpot. Pretend to be someone special and call your enemy that she has won a lottery.

However, it’s always advisable not to play any vulgar phone pranks as they might lead you to police custody. Text pranks can also be a great fun to play when you are in a mood of some entertainment. It is always fun to play such pranks and fill your life with some excitement.

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