Precor Premium Series Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer for Getting in Shape

I consider myself fortunate enough to have stumbled across Precor the elliptical trainer that is beset with characteristics bio mechanically designed to give the best cardiovascular workout in customizable manner. The Precor Premium Series Elliptical Fitness Cross trainer features an adjustable ramp whose angle can be fine-tuned as per need simply by press of a button.

Muscle groups across the body can be subjected to varied degrees of motion. Precise targeting of specific body parts can be materialized by moving the ramp positions. The ramp angle can move between 15-40 degrees and the stride length varies between 21-24.5 inches. A flexible body can be pulled off by getting the reversible moved in various directions.

Precor Premium Series Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer

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The easy to grasp handgrip and the associated heart rate wireless detection facilitates me to be updated about the status of my workout and whether I am in line with my fitness target. A unique benefit of the trainer is that the arm position can be adjusted based on the specific body region that is to be focused upon.

The options are customizable too and some of these are also available with calorie calculator. Age and weight can be inputted to have the trainer blurt out the perfect workout required to accomplish one’s objective. Switches can be conveniently manipulated to extract the best out of the trainer. It has a pin security feature that takes care about the safe positioning of it.

The Precor has sufficient space to accommodate things like water bottle, music player etc. that one would like to accompany the workout. Integrated spacious shelves make it easy for them to be tucked in. The trainer is off course the most convenient and easy to use elliptical trainer, I have ever come across.

Unstrained workout start just at the mere push of a button. The size of Precor is small enough for being easily accommodated in a quiet corner of the house. The trainer is the sole answer for all your fitness worries and weight loss.

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