Remarkable Features Of Ten Handled Electronic Pulse Massager Unit

With the increase of the demand for electrotherapy machineries in the market, many companies have introduced their own brand of electronic pulse massager. Among all these products I personally prefer to use and suggest Tens Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unit.


It is stuffed with extraordinary features and various advantageous aspects to provide a deep relief from acute as well as chronic pain. The benefits I get by using this handheld electronic massager are many in number.

It has few unique features such as auto mode setter, frequency adjuster, scan circuit unit etc. which make it more preferable to other massager appliances.

Distinctive Properties of This Unit

Its use is extremely uncomplicated and lucid. Inspite of being such an advanced massager instrument it is quite simple in its application. I always find it quite easy yet immensely effective to operate. This Massager has six auto modes for stimulation programs along with three selectable manners of massages.

Facility to set the frequency of massage from high to low according to the intensity of pain is also there. The LCD shows the intensity, style and remaining time of the massage. Attachment Pads are also included with it. I also favor it because it is easy on electric consumption, since the machine is completely battery operated.

Easy and Effective

For being compact in its composition, I find Tens Handheld Electronic Pulse Massager Unit extremely easy to carry for its portability and lightweight. It has twofold outputs and due to that it can be used by two people or I can use it at four aching areas at the same time.

The first five modes of stimulation program are for pain relief, whereas the sixth mode is for losing weight. Lithium-battery has been installed in the system and hence these batteries are rechargeable and can be replaced according to the requirement. It helps me to enjoy soothing body massages while treating and curing the aches in my physique.

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