Remove your shyness and fall in love

All shy people always keep thinking about the methods of, how to get over with shyness? Shyness is a social phobia. It is believed that shyness can bring serious psychological behavior results in your life. You will not be able to get social, and interact properly with people you want to.

Remove your shyness

You will always feel awkward in a new environment, and hence, won’t be able to make new acquaintances easily. You regret that you are not able to enjoy social lives like others do. Do you? Then you need to know the ways of, how to get over shyness?

Being shy is normal, but extreme shyness is not good for anyone. Some of the examples of extreme shyness are, experiencing sudden freezing, lack of ability to speak, making no efforts to interact rather than trying to avoid meeting new people, getting nervous, etc.

At times, extreme shyness is referred to as a social disorder, which can further add to the other psychological confusions, for instance, panic attacks experienced when you have to interact with new people. You can even suffer from agoraphobia, in that case even leaving the house and being with others threatens you.

It can create lots of problems for you in many ways. Thus, it is very important to learn, how to deal with social anxiety so that you can love and be happy.

The major effects of Shyness include:

1. No socialism
2. Very few friends
3. Ignorance in meeting new people
4. Can’t keep a chat going on
5. You always feel insecure and nervous

Self Help: Make a list of to do list and follow it in everyday life. Start conversing to people who are around you. Go for shopping, greet people at work, and talk to salesman so that you get a better chance for lengthier and healthier interface.

Support from colleagues, friends and family: Always rely on friends and family to guide you and support you in the smallest process. You spend the maximum time in office with your colleagues; try to socialize with people you are comfortable with. Try going out with friends on weekends so that may boost your confidence and encourage you to speak and tell you the ways of how to not be shy.

Remember, you don’t need any medical aid, therapies or treatment from psychiatrist. All you need to do is change your mind, change your perception towards things, life and people. Try and ask question from yourself about why you are shy, what makes you fell degraded. You may be able to change the conditions and become more confident without changing the real you. Try and be optimistic from inside. Make yourself proud of the good things which are done by you.

Just be what you are! Because people should like you for what are. If you present yourself confidently, automatically you will gain every body’s attention and you can fall in love more confidently. So just try to socialize and charity begins at home so begin with your siblings and parents first.

Hello, I am a housewife and love my family. Also love to write on my blog when i am free.

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