Result oriented orations of Meir Ezra

The multifaceted septuagenarian Meir Ezra, besides being a jack of all trades and master of those trades is also a famous public speaker, specializing in management technology. His oration with Israeli accent will “WOW” any audience. His speech will remain green in the minds of the people because of the important information he sows in them, in a carrying way along with jokes amidst his speech. Many complex ideas get into your mind through his very easy but straightforward methodology, backed by his decades of practical experience. The genius tour will be transformational for your business and personal life and also for both your body and mind.

Meir Ezra. Meir Ezra does not fit into the category of motivational or hype spreading speaker. But, he is a businessman, gifted with teaching and communication skills and his “preaching” (arising out of his profound practice) will make you improve yourself and redesign your business; you will also be interested to attend his further courses to refine yourselves. Many stalwarts at senior levels of management like Directors, Presidents, Chief Executive Officers in different walks of business attend his seminars and get benefitted.

Some of the excerpts from some seminars are illustrated below:

He sees that if at all there is problem and the problem is complex, there will be a “lie” in the process; find out and attack it.

For him, the cycle of action contains three phases namely “Start, Change and Stop”

He attributes being very careful and being very serious as the reasons for the slowness.

If you want be successful in your sales programs, create reality and confidence.

He cites different reasons for the delays and their sources and drills to achieve speed.

According to him, the business should achieve maximum result out of minimum effort. That is efficiency for him.

Meir Ezra equates money to an idea, backed or supported by confidence, without any fear or suspicion. Confidence is reality. You are sure to have money, if you create and develop confidence.

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