Safeguard Your Children: DBS Checks Are Important

DBS checks are one of the most important government safeguards in place for protecting your children. They’re not there to make it harder for you to find a suitable childminder or preschool for your son or daughter. They’re there to make sure that when you do make a choice, that choice is a safe one.

DBS Checks

Despite high profile changes to the CRB and ISA branches of the government, DBS checks will stay the same as they always have. The only exception is the fact that employers are no longer required to update their DBS certificate every single time they move to a new position. It will be the employer’s duty to ensure that this certificate is both accurate and valid.

As a parent, you cannot request a personal DBS check via the government. These are restricted to places of employment and specific government processes involving children – adoption or foster care for example. You can, however, pay for your own DBS check. If you’re looking to hire a full time nanny or childminder to care for your children whilst you work, but you’re not sure how to distinguish the good from the bad – you might want to think about paying for a personal DBS check.

Several agencies can help with this. A list of reputable ones can be found on the government’s DBS website. Visit for more information. An enhanced check is priced at around £55 and includes a run through of police barred lists. If the individual you are considering has any serious convictions, you will know about it. The only problem is that this process can take up to 16 weeks if applied and paid for privately.

It is much easier for a parent to consider only those childminders or nannies who already have a valid DBS certificate. The vast majority will already have a certificate, because they’ll be experienced in their field and will have been asked for one by a previous employer, say the experts at

However, it is important to note that just because an individual doesn’t have a DBS certificate, doesn’t mean they’re not very good at what they do. It can be very difficult for new and aspiring childminders or nannies to get onto their chosen career ladder. Most parents, understandably, prefer to hire people who have already been checked at the expense of the government. If you find a young or professionally inexperienced childminder –don’t write them off. It can be useful to fork out for your own DBS check if you’ve found a childminder that really connects with your children.

Parenting website Parental Choice points out that it’s quite rare for a parent to need to pay for their own DBS check – the vast majority of those who work with children are already approved by the government. It can put the mind at rest in certain situations, though. To be honest, as long as you check the existing certificate of any employee that’s going to come into contact with your children – there should be no issues.

Child protection can be a touchy subject, especially in this day and age, but it doesn’t have to be something that’s difficult to achieve. Parents are advised to trust the government’s protection processes unless a specific situation warrants that they purchase their own DBS check.

Don’t be a panicked parent. DBS checks are designed with your child in mind, so work with them.

Author Bio: Kevin Maddox is a father of 2 sons and a daughter. He often hires children’s entertainers from DNA for parties as she knows they are all DBS checked. Kevin likes knowing that he has done everything she can to keep her children are safe.

I work as a content manager in many communities and love the opportunity to guest post for your readers.

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